Our Process

Care You Can Trust

Step 1

alt tagMake an appointment

Call us at 1-855-949-2266 to setup an appointment to meet with one of our Certified Physicians. All of our doctors have passed all Florida qualifications to provide medical marijuana recommendations. Walk-ins are also welcome.

Step 3

alt tagMeet with the  Doctor

If the Doctor determines you qualify for a written medical cannabis recommendation, you will be registered with the Office of Compassionate Use, and receive your State Medical Marijuana Patient number, in our office before you leave.

Step 2

alt tagQualification

When you arrive at our office, you will be asked to fill out a short medical history form and some additional documents. Patients must have a valid Florida ID/drivers license, or paperwork, to establish proof of residency in the state of Florida.

Step 4

alt tagState Registration and ID Card

We will help you fill out brief paperwork for your state photo ID card while in our office. You will mail the paperwork to the state of Florida Office of Compassionate Use. They will mail it back to your mailing address. Once you receiver your ID, you can legally purchase Medical Marijuana form any state licensed dispensary.